Bridging the gap in immunotherapy
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ABOUT USWe believe bringing our nanoparticles to clinic will revolutionize how we approach personalized medicine, providing lifesaving immunotherapeutics to thousands of patients.

Aptabridge Therapeutics is creating a next generation drug design platform to leverage DNA nanoparticles for immunotherapy. We develop highly stable, bi and multi specific molecules with the aim to treat multifaceted, complex diseases by engaging two disease targets with one molecule.

By employing DNA nanoparticles instead of antibodies for immunotherapy, we will overcome challenges faced by bispecific antibodies with a product that promises to be safer, lower cost, and easier to manufacture. We are also employing a modular design strategy that allows us to reliably mix and match binding modules on our nanoparticles. This allows us to take working immune targeting modules and swap out different disease targeting modules to treat a wide range of diseases, making this platform highly versatile and scalable.

Our vision for this platform is to produce an AI-augmented system that can be used directly in the clinic to take patient tissue, analyze for unique biomarkers, then synthesize a therapeutic molecule all in one device.

DNA nanoparticles exhibit several key advantages

Shorter and cheaper
production time
High quality

Our technology combines the best of biologics and small molecules


Aptabridge Team

As a team, we are uniquely placed with our expertise across the Science, Business and Medicine.

Julie Clauss


  • MS In Chemistry and Engineering, MIT SFMBA
  • 17+ years as Global Business Executive (Sanofi, Ipsen, Ultragenyx)
 W. Taylor Cottle

CEO/CSO and COFOUNDER W. Taylor Cottle

Sebastien Vallee

COO and COFOUNDERSebastien Vallee

  • Pharm D, PhD in Biochemistry.
  • 10+ years of experience in R&D in the Bio-Pharma industry.